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Thread: FM radio hell

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    FM radio hell

    My rig has an isa slot, I thought that would be great since there's plenty of radio cards available. I've tried 4 different ISA tuner cards and they all suck.

    An old Aztech Packard Bell

    reveal RA300


    MediaForte sound card with an FM tuner built in

    Doesn't anyone make a good ISA tuner card? These cards didn't search for stations too good, they had stations overlapping other stations, strong stations would come in at about 10 different frequencies... I have a line in jack, maybe I need to give up and run an external prtable radio. I'd try the Cadet but it wont work on 2K or XP

    I just want to listen to some music

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    I don't think they make ISA anything anymore.

    USB radios....even those have crappy reception.
    Although, some people have made a big improvment on the dlink with some mods

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