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Thread: looking for usb tv/radio (good-one)...

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    looking for usb tv/radio (good-one)...

    when I check out ebay they seem to have only 3 to choose from, one is from Kworld(i use to have it-it sucks), antoher one that has no name...

    their is a 3rd one , its namebrand is 3Demon USB tv/radio/capture ,it looks good, its also a good price 39.99 (buyitnow) they had 89 left when lasat I looked. Ill post the link below...

    Im NOT going to buy this though, untill I get feedback about WHAT i should get, if you know the name brand and its good ,ok Ill get it it. If AANYone says stay away, then Ill stay away...


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    Hmmmmm, MSI (microstar international) MSI Have excellent TV/RADIO cards! I am certain you will not be dissapointed by there stuff. It depends if you want a USB 2 or PCI solution. MSI has both, but the USB 2 solution only has the TV with it, no radio. The PCI solution is top quality, and has radio and TV, and also some other stuff, to hook up cable i think. They arent that expensive, theyre around 50-70 GBP, and also it has all the software you need to capture TV, record, and even pause Live tv. ALSO it has a remote control, which is important, im sure, who can be asked fiddling around on a tiny screen? hehe? oh and ALL the cables needed are bundled, and includes a copy of WINDVD.

    One last thing, DO NOT GO WITH THESE GENERIC TV CARDS. Its basically pot luck, sometimes u get a good one, sometimes bad. MOSTLY its bad. Stick with a reputale company, because MSI has updated software and Firmware for your product, so there arent any compatibility issues. These generic cards mostly do not have updates, if software at all. MSI will fix problems too, generic companies dont give 2 cr*ps if it works in your system or not.
    And ebay is not a very good place to buy stuff, as often, there is no return policy, Look for an internet company such as or, because if you dont like it, you can RMA the product and get ur money back

    Oh and i recommend this card:
    Click here lol

    This one has all the features u need

    Take Care

    BiG K

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