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    Post Radio help

    I just took the radio out of my truck (Ford F-250), and was going to replace it. I had thought it was bad (it wouldn't work, but accasionally it would come on if I had left the the volume up on it)

    I used a 12volt test light on the pins, and I found it, that red was +12, like it should be, but then it quit working. So, I figure that its not the radio, but that it was a short between the radio and the fuse box.

    Can anyone give me a detailed explanation on how I could run a new wire? It goes all up and back through the dash, so To replace the old one along the same route would be almost impossible. I looked at the fuse box, but was immediately confused by it.

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    just run it...take a new cable, from the battery, fuse it as close to the battery as you can, and then follow the other cables..or make a hole and put it through there, just make sure that cable wont get shortened too..

    or meabye steal power from some other thing, and replaced that fuse with another one who has the same value of (stereo+device stolen from)
    thats just a meabye..

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    if you try "stealing" the power from another thing, you need to make sure that the wire is heavy enough to handle all the current for both devices. not trying to be too technical but this is probably not a "short" it would be a "open" because a "short" is when it goes positive direct to ground (resulting in sparks and blown fuses). Sorry, i don't think you really wanted to know that though.



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