All -

I'm working on my next-gen CarPC (just got the first one working). I'm thinking it will give me the best sound (and make cabling easier) if I use digital out for sound - either a coax or optical output via toslink.

So, to make this work with either a headunit or an amp I need to find a small decent quality 12v powered digital to analog converter with toslink or coax input and at least four channel output (two channel if nothing else, but I'd like four channel). Bonus points if it has an input for delayed-on like an amplifier.

I used to hear about flying calf? and audio alchemy DACs, but I can't find a good reference to them, and they seem to be made for in-home use rather than mobile (I don't want to build/buy another power supply).

What do people on this board use for their CarPCs with digital output? Is it possible to build a small four channel DAC easily? I would think it would just be a couple of chips and some glue logic, but what do I know

(prays to the almighty dancing kitten for a schematic and board layout)