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    Post motorized lcd cover

    Anyone know of any place that i could get or any sites that would give me a general idea on how to make some sort of screen that would automatically cover my lcd display whenever i shut off the car. Kinda like a motorized curtain.

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    Yeah, my project will be based on a similiar motorized up & down LCD tray, but when my car is parked the LCD is impossible to remove (due to clamps that close when the screen is down) so even if anyone still enter my car it will be very dificult to take anything (the computer will also be screwed to the chassis). My radio is already screwed this way, and its almost impossible to take the radio without breaking it in 2 or more pieces. Only the speakers are vulnerable... :-(

    As i didnīt built my own motorized tray, i wont much of a help. Itīs only in project since i donīt have a PIC programer for servo engines, so i must stick with something much simpler (for ex. something like my electrical windows) like a separate swith next to the windows elevator or a relay activated by the PC power supply. I think itīs enough...


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    Another off-the-shelf product you could use for this application is a power antenna motor assembly - might be pricey though - you'd have to check the "bargain-basements" and "liquidators" of the 'net.
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