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Thread: Noise!! AARGH!

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    try what guavo said and "Try a ground loop isolator on your signal leads" you can go to raidioshack and pick one up for $15 it lookes like an rca cable but it has a ball in it this fixed it for me and u can also get a power filter to clean up your 12 v from your car i got the 20 amp one for $20 at raidio shack also. bothe of them should be where they have the car audio wiring stuff or just ask they will know what u are talking about.

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    Isnt the ITPS board connected to the plus?
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    I tried the inline RCA ground loop isolator. It actually made it WORSE! It added alternator whine on top of my buzzing ignition noise..

    The ITPS is plugged into +, yes. Why do you ask?

    I want to try it w/out the ITPS to see if it makes a difference, but I doubt it will because like I said, the LCD when plugged in (again NOT ON), makes the noise too, and that is not on the ITPS..

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    I have buzzing noises too, but it is from panels rattling One of these days, I'll get around to dynamating the entire car...

    Is the noise coming from all of the speakers? Speaker wire may be picking up noise if it is being routed around/near certain car components.

    Also, are the line-out/mic/etc inputs on the sound card muted?

    If you hook headphones up to the sound card outputs, do you get similar noise?

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