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Thread: USB 2.0 external cd rom.

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    USB 2.0 external cd rom.

    Does anyone use this external cdrom with opus90. I looks like it does not require external power, so I am wondering if opus will have enough juice to power that. here
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    Depends on how much power the rest of your system is using of course, but I would imagine that the opus would be able to handle it. A bigger concern might be the MB - if you're using a desktop MB then you're almost certainly fine, but not all mobos put much current on the USB power line.

    I just noticed that it can also draw power from the PS/2 port, so as long as that's free, power on the USB shouldn't be a concern.

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    ps/2 power?

    ps/2 power ... it draws the power from your ps/2 connector. thats what the cord on the right hand side of the picture is for. its not really 100% clear as to wheter or not it needs the ps/2 for power.

    "Draw power from USB or/and PS/2 port on your laptop"
    it doesn't look like it matters if you are using your ps/2 or not, the included cord is a pass though to allow you to draw off the ps/2 as well as have a device on it. you probably could simply power it off of the opus 5v (assuming the cd takes 5v, and it would probably make life easier and cleaner in the long run. but something tells me that no matter what you do, you are going to end up having to run two cord to that. perhaps if you were running this through a powered hub ?
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