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Thread: New CarPC from Korea

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    nothing wrong at all...Its very time consuming and some people dont have so much time to consume! let alone skill...

    But I have both!!

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    I'm kinda digging that Infill thingy.. looked at the website, but didn't see the specs.. did I miss them?

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    I agree with Ricky327.
    No body on this list remembers the Altek computer. 8 data switches and 12 address switches, with lots of little light bulbs. The hackers built those (me too).
    Hackers built the computer industry and most of the modders on this list are building the future of automotive systems.
    Hackers are the only ones that have the time, energy and material to identify the problem and create the solution.

    My hats off to those that keep up the tradition of the tinkers
    1981 VW Scirocco, 2L 16v turbo. EEEPC 1000 running Mega Squirt and music.

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