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Thread: Disconnect battery while engine is running?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgbr
    And for us FWD people, use your e-brake, and leave it in gear!
    I do that, and at school I've watched some cars on my street get towed during the no-parking times that Troy randomly decides to enforce. To get inside and disengage the parking brake, the tow drivers will use a slim jim to unlock the door (takes about 3 seconds) or an airbag to pump the door open and reach inside to get at the lock.
    For someone experienced and determined enough to use a tow truck, leaving it in gear/brake on wouldn't do much to deter them.
    EDIT: The best way that I've found to keep them from getting at my car is to park less than 1/2" away from the curb and turn the wheel into it, pushing your radials but not your rims into the curb a little bit (works better with a 10-yr-old clunker that you don't really care about that much). That way they can't get the lift beneath the wheels without jacking the car up and moving it. They also can't put it on a flatbed because the wheels turned that way make it impossible to put on the flatbed without simultaneously damaging your car, the truck, and the curb. It takes them forever to do, and gives you that extra time to wake up and run out to save your car from a very, very expensive tow (I'd know). It also ****es them off so you can have a shouting match in the middle of the road. And if your brakes fail, the car will roll a little bit, turn itself into the curb and stop a foot later.
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    Ahh what does it matter if your towed, and your pc is on and it has a gps. Then what do you car if it wheels arnt spinning or its on a flat bed. Your gps will be able to calc speed and tell its current location. So if the gps detects the alarm going off and the speed go above 10 miles an hour then have it dial with the current gps location and update every 5 mins.

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    What i think would be really cool is to totally remove the key ignition. Then, wire everything up to your computer controlled relay. Punch in a password, then hit a button. That button would activate the relay until your RPM's spiked, thus stating that the engine is started.
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