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Thread: DVD player deals. One w/ a receiver, one without.

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    DVD player deals. One w/ a receiver, one without.

    Here 's some options for people who don't want to use there carputer for dvds and would prefer a standalone. I was thinking about this to use with a monitor for passengers.

    This first one will sell out very, very soon. It also has aux in!!

    SPL In-dash DVD Player/AM/FM Receiver with Remote for $139.

    In dash DVD player for $78 (no receiver I believe)

    Not for me though.

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    Not sure if you did a search, but you may want to connect this thread with this other member's review of the exact same unit.

    Also, which Hot Deals forum did u snag this from (Fatwallet possibly?) - give credit where it's due. Lastly, hate to be a stickler, but please do a search next time - you would have found the other thread I'm referencing above. Otherwise, thanks for the info.


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