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Thread: Need Someone to draw circuit board (Simple)

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    Need Someone to draw circuit board (Simple)

    If anyone can help me design a circuit board in Eagle Cad or whatever
    program, please post here or PM.

    Board is very simple. I think I need about 17-18 holes.

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    If you already know what the circuit will be, grab the free layout tool from ExpressPCB, draw it there, and then print it.

    If you need a totally clean copy for doing photoetching, print it to Postscript and then use Ghostscript to take out the gray layer they put in.
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    how soon do you need it? If you can wait a for a week for me to do it then I can do it in Eaglecad for you. Just real busy at work at the moment.
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    I'm using Cadsoft Eagle to make the radio PCB. I'll be glad to help if I can.

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    Hmmm give me the details ... i can help you !


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