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Thread: Via Epia M PCI Bus Speed?

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    Slow Mobo

    In the Bios check if IDE prefetch... is enable for fast block transfer, HD type on Auto etc...
    Also, what OS are you using? If windows, did you installed the right drivers? (Silly question, I know, but... ;-) ) If using Linux 2.6.x try a 2.4: There's a faulty module, via82cxx that may yield to bad transfer. A patch is on his way as far as I remember.
    Then, check IDE cable, no CD/DVD on the 80 IDE cable, swap memory to check if it is O.K. ok, you know all of this. I stop! :-D

    Quote Originally Posted by JC-S60
    Check for bottlenecks in the system.

    Check CPU, check if you can do 2 transfers at the same time over the 2 nic's (on board and other), run some diags. Maybe try another OS, just to check.

    The pci should do more, as the hdd controller runs off it too...

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    Thanks for all the replies. That is a good idea to try both NICs at the same time; I will try it soon.

    The bottleneck is not the CPU... when measuring performance, the CPU is at 17% load while the bandwidth is topping out at 3800KByte/sec.

    I have the onboard 10/100 disabled right now. I enabled it only temporarily to see if the speed would exceed 3.8MB/s (which it did not).

    Regarding the OS's: I have tried both 2000 Pro and XP Pro both with the same exact result.

    What is this module faul you speak of? Any more information would help. Thanks!

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