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Thread: Grounding question.

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    Question Grounding question.


    got a quick grounding question, a brief outline of whatís happening, with no ground on DVD or inverter I get lines on LCD screen and buzzing out of speakers. Thatís fair enough, I use a cheap inverter. When I ground the DVD player the buzzing sound stops, cool. When I ground the inverter the lines stop, sorted! However, this is the odd bit, when I ground both items the lines on the screen come back!! Both grounds go to the same point in the boot. Any ideas whatís happening here. Searched but didnít see this particular problem.

    Thanks in advance
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    try diferent grounding locations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bertybassett
    try diferent grounding locations.
    Yep. What he said. This should clear it up. Be sure to grind away any paint where you attach your grounds.

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    I thought you had to ground everything in one place, otherwise you would be creating a ground loop. Is this correct or is it ok to ground in multiple places.
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