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Thread: Car Laptop Mount- What do you use?

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    Car Laptop Mount- What do you use?

    I have a feeling I've asked this before on these forums a long time ago, but I cannot find the thread if I did.

    I have a Fujitsu Lifebook P2040 which has a nice 10.5inch widescreen lcd. Other people have said they're using some of the older touchscreen lifebooks as carpcs, but I was wondering how people were mounting these things inside the car. It is a laptop after all and it weighs almost 4lbs. Does anyone have any idea as to how I might want to mount this up front inside my car?


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    I use a jotto desk. Check out the "computer mounts" section at They have quite a few different models and might even have one made specifically for your vehicle. I got the universal model one that bolts down under the passenger seat so that I didn't have to drill any permanent holes. Delorme ( is also a distributor...I got mine for about $150.

    My only complaint is that it wobbles a bit while driving but this can be taken care of with a good install.

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