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Thread: driver issues with usb to ide adapter

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    mine did come with a cd, a mini cd, but it only seems to have 98se drivers on it. I never tried to install them using compatibilty wizzard though, because mine detects just fine each time.
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    That's why I think yours is used jermkesler. It should have came with the necessary stuff, including 98 drivers. Strange eh? I'd say if you can, take it back. Get another.

    Try RevFE
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    ok I have a similar problem. only this time my usb to ide cable came with power cable that you conect to the output. so i have the usb to ide and the power cable.

    Iam trying to conect my dvd rom my pc detect the dvd rom but every time i put any kind of disk in it nothing happen. if I try to open the disk. it say. please insert disk. ?????? what is wrong here. Iam not using an extentino usb cable at this time since iam in testing stage.

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