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Thread: Anyone built an Epia PC behind a toyota Dash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skraggy_uk
    Cheers EBJUSTIN.

    I reckon, with a little work, and inguity I can get it in there easily (time to grab he dremel, the tin snips, and the pop rivetter), with the screen appearing semi flush fitted, but able to slide out and down to allow access to the DVD.

    I did manage to get an Epia, a 3.5" HDD and a full sized 250WATT ATX PSU + all the cables into the lower box of a Saab 900, which is narrower, but deeper than a standard double din.

    Cup holder will probably go, as I never use them, I find that my hand hits any bottles/cups in there but a screen in operating position won't stick out so far, and if needed I'll get a clip on one that goes on the door card or console.

    Just had a look at your install page, looks pretty good.
    Cool, sounds like you have a plan...please take some pics. Good Luck!

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    I hope to. First thing will be that I need to get a spare lower console cover to fit the screen into.

    May even need to visit Toyota for that. That could get spendy. I've also got an ISO to toyota adapter, with all the wiring clearly marked as it what it does, so I reckon
    1) get a small 25-40 watt 4 channel amp, and feed it into the original speaker wiring (not looking for mega sound output just clear).
    2) connect a 12v line from an Opus into both the Amp and antenna remote lines (sperarate lines make it easy) to try and avoid amp pop.
    3)use the ignition fed 12v line to trigger the on/off of the Opus.

    The rest of the wires should be unused, as I can't think of a use for the illumination line unless I can work out a way of using the serial port to switch day and night colours when the line goes hot or cold, and I reckon to be using phone control for handsfree, rather than a standard kit, if my Nokia 3650 and Bluetooth dongle will work. Otherwise I just keep using my bluetooth headset.

    Hopefully it will just then require a main power source for the PC/amp/screen and I'm away.

    Might just buy a second adaptor, and keep the one I have for wire reference.
    I've got a couple of ideas for the screen, either a simple parallelogram with a magnet catch at the top (like kitchen cupboard doors use) or a press hook (like a lot of loft hatches use) so it drops slightly forward and down to access the DVD, or hinge at the bottom, and a sliding bar/rod with a stop on the end at the top, to let it tilt forward enough to get to the DVD slot. Not sure which will be easiest.

    So shopping list.
    Opus 150watt bare board from
    slot DVD and IDE adaptor from
    Lilliput or SP7 touch TFT from CarTFT
    Sheet steel or ali (steel harder to work but easier for making central grounds) B&Q.
    thin alu or steel angle to make things to hang on. B&Q
    MDF 12mm for top and bottom of the case (got some scraps in shed).
    Thin Plexi for the front panel of the case behind screen (can be sprayed in satin black once everything is working). B&Q

    BTW, B&Q is like HomeDepot in the UK.

    Already got.
    M10000 Epia.
    512k ram
    120gig HDD
    Sitecom Bluetooth dongle
    Deluo USB GPS.
    Logitech Cordless keyboard (but would prefer a mini one)
    WinTV PVR 250 or 350 with FM (have both but can't remember which is installed in my main PC, but I have that one working with Axife FM, have installed Radiator but don't want to reboot just yet as I've got a few torrents that I can't be bothered to restart).

    I'm hoping this time I defiantley will do a photo log of the build. The last 2.5 attempts at setting up the car PC in it's various states I just went mad into it, planned everything and put it together in about a day, so never stopped to takes snaps.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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