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Thread: help, brand new epia M10000 not booting!

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    help, brand new epia M10000 not booting!

    I finally got my board today, so I plugged in my ATX powersupply, shorted the power button pins as I don't have a case for it yet, and nothing happens. Everything is plugged in, tried another powersupply, powercable, the screen comes on, so I know the surge protector is good. Nothing happens, not even the fans on the power supply spin up. I didn't see anything in the manual about having to disable a jumper first or anything like that, is this a common issue or is my board DOA?

    edit: it's working now, didn't change anything. Damn gremlins!

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    I had this problem too. First, check your Ram to make sure it's compatible. Then, go back and check your ide cables as well. Try to boot with just a hard drive first. If that doesn't work, try ANOTHER power supply. It seems to be very picky about which ones it will work with.

    Good luck!


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