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Thread: lilliput flicker when engine on.

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    lilliput flicker when engine on.

    I have a problem with Lilliput flickering (like having a fas next to a desktop monitor) when the engine is on. I draw power from the harness that came with lilliput and plug it into cigarette lighter socket. Should I hard wire the harness and get a better ground? Anyone have this issue? Please help!

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    i had this problem to, and just ignored it, im now tryin to run the screen off the 12v line off the psu. hopfully this will solve this problem

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    I had a similar problem, then Sunday coming home from the UK meet I started to get engine whine (which I didn't before), now this morning my screen is having trouble showing a picture.

    I wasn't worried about the flicker, as I put it down to the unit being taken apart and put back together so many times while trying to fashion the dash mounting that it had got damaged somehow. Have got another to replace it already so will know more when I get chance to change them around.

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    mine does that too,but only when the system is blasting. other then that its fine. i am going to get a cap today 2.4 farads. so hofully solves that problem

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    Try messing with the refresh rate. Mine was doing it until I lowered it to 75hz, and I haven't noticed it do it again.

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