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Thread: Case/Mounting suggestions

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    Case/Mounting suggestions

    I finally got most of my carpc components, so I brought everything out to the car to see how it fits, and this is the result (thumbnails are clickable):

    The motherboard fits very nicely in between my 2 front seats when I remove the plastic console, but it doesn't leave me much room to build an enclosure, but I really like the location, so I am hoping maybe you guys have some suggestions (what materials etc). I haven't tried fitting it underneath my passenger seat yet, and would rather not to, but I guess that could be another option. Other hardware that will be mounted in that location: full size DVD drive, a 3.5" HD and maybe the opus 90W assuming I have the room. The LCD itself seems to be ok where it is now, so I will probably use self tapping screws to attach it permanently unless you can see a reason why I shouldn't go that way. Thanks guys!

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    fiberglass and bondo..
    When in doubt, moo at things.

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    Yup, fiberglass ya something pretty...

    Could always stick it in your dash somewhere...

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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