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Thread: 140 watt inverter

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    Post 140 watt inverter

    Is a 140 watt inverter sufficient to power a p100 and 2x20 VFD display? I just wanted to make sure before ordering the 140 watt Tripplite..not sure if I should spend a little more and get the 300 watt version. Thanks.

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    well I need a 300w inverter so i can use my electric chainsaw...

    But really, i like having 300W's. If i need to I can run my computer, 15' monitor (not lcd), and with plenty to spare for all the little cool gadgets and strobe lights I have sitting around.

    (no, i don't DRIVE while having the strobe lights on, or using the chainsaw, or playing semiquasylegal mp3s.)


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