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Thread: Cheep Homemade inverter

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    Hay I've seen inverters wound out of micorowave transformers. I was wondering if it would work for my mp3 player.

    The circitry on it would ony put out a square wave instead of a syn wave. Will a square wave work on a computer power supply?

    Also would it drawl too much power, being a transformer, and not be even worth trying to use in a car?

    Does anyone know any web sites that have instrucions for ones?

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    You're probably better off just buying one from the store. WalMart, K-Mart, FRY's, RadioShack, and lots of other places sell them. I have seen them on sale for $30.00 or less.

    You don't want to risk permanently messing up your computer hardware by using a homemade inverter. If you want to work on a homemade project, you'd be better off building a DC/DC power supply than your own inverter.

    And yes, having a big transformer that outputs a square wave is WAY less efficient than a commercially-made inverter. Most of the newer ones use high-frequency switching techniques and thus generate less heat and are smaller & more efficient than the older style units. Plus some computer hardware has enough trouble dealing with the newer style inverters, let alone a square-wave monster from the past
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    nicksmurf: I used to run my first MP3 player on home made inverter and that was few years back when the cheapest inverters you could get here in OZ was like $200-$300.
    The transformer i used was from an fluresent(sp?) light it was 60 Watts.
    Inverter it self would handle power load of around 45-50Watts but it was very inefficent.
    It was running at around 10amps with computer idealing...
    But then again it did the job and i didnt spend much on it as i had all the pasrt at home to build it.
    But jjohnson is right... its not wourth building one as you can pick up one of those for really cheap price.
    I would personally recommend to go with DC converter as you would get best results using one of those.

    P.S If you still intrested in a schematic for the inverter let me know and i will email it to you.



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    For an inverter schematic, see my webpage in the circuits section (links below in signature).

    However, this inverter would be really bad at powering a computer.

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