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Thread: CD/DVD drive - slot loading *and* USB?

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    I was wondering the same thing?!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by windalo
    I have the IDE to USB and the IDE to slim drive. I still donŽt have the Panasonic slot-in slim drive, but... IŽll get it soon.
    My question is.... would this work with a 5 meters USB extension????
    The slim drive works only with the power of the USB, doesnŽt it?
    I have an external unit with the slim slot drive in it...
    It gets its power over the usb , but mine came with a cable that connects to the PS/2 port of mouse or keyboard to supply power and the connector still allows you to plug in the mouse or keyboard.
    The cable is only a couple feet long, but being a power cable, it should be able to be extended without too much problem.. I know if it was getting power from the usb alone, there would be a limit on the length...

    hope that helps


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    Don't use USB DVD??? Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by R32 JUhl
    This link changed along with the price - it's now only $30!!!! WOOHOO!!!

    NOW THE BIG QUESTION!!! Why does the FAQ section say this?:

    "Do not get a USB DVD player, just get a piece of Cat 5 split the IDE cable and extend it to the front of the car. Another option is to get a firewire expansion card for your PC and run a firewire cable to the front of your vehicle."

    Is that possibly pre-2.0 USB advice? Am I misinterpreting the FAQ? Anyone know?
    Bump! Still looking for feedback from those who may have made the original statement in the FAQs.

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    Panasonic does have a nice External slimline dvd burner that requires only 5 volts. I wonder if its possible to draw the 4 volts that usb gives off and amp it to 5 volts to make this unit self-powering...hrmmm...

    here's a link to the panasonic external slot-loading

    it seems like they are using the standard UJ-815-B drive and jacketing it, pretty slick jacket if that's the case...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamDude
    I am looking for a CD/DVD drive that is USB and slot loading (not really fussed if its slim-line or not).
    Wish I could say something constructive and helpful here for your search...

    Best of luck! Pay no attention to the unfriendly/unhelpful folks. : }

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