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Thread: Pocket PC-based carputer idea.

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    For USB host (for plugging in USB devices) you should just need a USB mini-A male to USB A female plug, pending it supports it. I keep getting conflicting information on Google on whether or not it supports it.

    The XDA does not have VGA out AFAIK.

    Edit: It looks like the consensus is that the Universal (aka XDA, and many other names) lacks USB host support hardware.

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    thankx tom61
    for reply
    but i would ask you how i can make my xda support VGA out
    because i want any way necessary to let my device support VGA out

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    You'll need an electronics engineer to add it.

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    Pocket PC operating system does NOT support USB hosting. Nor does Windows Mobile 5.0.

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    well im revisiting this old post...
    I have a cable mess but currently here is what I can do...

    run gps software
    run speed sentry
    listen to mp3's

    all at the same time.. does what I need it to..

    and the addonics external brick is aww so sweet.. 20gb right now to my pda

    however the truck is going to get an upgrade this summer..

    Im putting a crew cab on my 78 mud truck then a micro atx computer somewhere.. and yeah I know.. dirt, mud and water.. will have to figure something out...... but then im thinking a 12-15" screen, gps, cameras at different angles.. under suspension, on front bumper, one up high forward and one up high backwards.... plus movies and everything else.... we will see

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    Any pictures of your setup RootBreaker? Which PDA and connection means are you using?

    JimmyFitz, I missed your post earlier it seems. Windows Mobile and it's predecessor Pocket PC do indeed include support for USB host. Unfortunately, it is lacking in some key areas, like usb mass storage drivers (third-party drivers fill the gap, though), but USB keyboards and a few other devices work out of the box. The main limitation is finding PPCs that have USB host taken out to an accessible connector.

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    PPC as output monitor to a carputer

    Hey Guys,

    Since this is a post for porting of PPC, I would like to ask if i can use the PPC as an output device to my CPU?? Were could i buy the interface cable?

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