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Thread: Install complete! Few notes, few ?s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02
    - I have the sound output coming directly from the on board sound card via rca-headphone jack converter. When my subs hit, the display bends. Grounding issue?
    - Will using S-video instead of RCA's help at all with clarity? I've seen that composite is limited to 240lines, what is the limit with S-Video?
    -Lastly, is there a way to connect a switch that would allow soft shutdown or hibernation? There is a button on my keyboard that does this.
    Display bending might be due to the voltage dropping due to the subs hitting? If that's the cause you can use a capacitor to fix that (use this as a last resort though), adding thicker wire will probably help a lot too.

    S-Video will help with clarity because the luminance and chrominance aren't munged together in the signal. I don't think composite and s-video have a line limit afaik.. there's some sort of bandwidth limit though... i think with svideo it's roughly equivalent to 1080i scanlines?

    Switch to allow soft shutdown / hibernation? you can set your atx power button to hibernate on push in power options in control panels, that might be sufficient?

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    The Bending i solved by running the monitor power wires to the psu, then grounding the case. The S-Video helped clear up the images. I'll have to check the control panel options. i didnt know that was available. Thanks!

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