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Thread: This is *very* interesting!

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    This is *very* interesting!

    This looks smaller and even more integrated the the mini-itx via motherboards.

    Quick details:
    Via C3 chip 300-1000mhz.
    Onboard dc-dc psu 8-28b input.
    via cle 266 chipset
    onboard backlight connect
    onboard jili 30 pin dual channel LVDS interface for TFT upto UXGA
    onboard touch screen connector (4/5/8 wire)
    onboard CF card adaptor with support for using CF card as IDE primary
    onboard PC card adaptor
    standard port connector to various stuff (keyboard/ps2 mouse, serial, 3xusb2, 1xirda, 1x100mbit lan, status leds, power/reset button.
    another port connector - 1xserial, 1xparallel
    onboard battery connector ???
    connector for video in/out rgb plgs
    connector for digital out to vga/svga tft pannels
    connector for vga / sound out.
    secondary ide connector

    The only thing I couldn't work out is where the memory plugs in - upto 1gb DDR


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    $$ ?
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    God knows - the price isn't listed which is always a bad sign .

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    Nice. SBCs tend to be fairly expensive though. The RAM is probably SO-DIMMs, which is why you don't recognize the slot.

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    as the saying goes
    if you have to ask, too much

    im going to guess it's going to be up there, the company seems to specialize in embedded systems, sbc's and the like

    give them a ring, it looks pretty good for what they have listed for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by mushin
    Nice. SBCs tend to be fairly expensive though. The RAM is probably SO-DIMMs, which is why you don't recognize the slot.
    Maybe. But LVDS controllers and the like are expensive (that was what I was looking for when I came across this). It may be cheaper if you need a lot of the functionality it has and would have to buy individual pieces otherwise.

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    Kontron is a local company here in san diego =- they are expensive.
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    Damn. They are looking the most likely to be able to get me the lcd controller I need :-(. I don't want them to be expensive.

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