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Thread: RF Wireless keyboard

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    RF Wireless keyboard

    Ok, I'm in search of a mini wireless keyboard for my carputer that will fit into my glovebox, under the seat, or somewhere like that.

    I was wondering if I got an RF keyboard if I could put the receiver in the trunk (where my computer is) and use the keyboard normally in the front seat.

    I do have a USB hub in the glovebox, so I could use a USB one if that won't work.

    I've been looking for a while for such a keyboard, but I don't see them very often, and they're never under $50.

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    Where did you get it?

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    They are not cheap, do a search on the board for Gyration.


    in the UK about 100 with mouse

    try ebay

    Note: there is a long range one and a shorter range one. The shorter range on is fine for in the car.

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    this is the one I use 40, got it from small comp shop, never seen again though, google around to find it,

    Despite being IR I can use it from any angle, I have mine resting on passenger seat with the transmitter firing into the bucket seat, the receiver is at teh top of the A post on passenger side and it gets it no problem,

    I can also use it facing the boot and have used it outside the car.

    I was dubious about IR to start with but this works excellently
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