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Thread: microATX vs MiniITX

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    Quote Originally Posted by quickshot56

    I see that you are using a setup similar to the one I am looking to build. How is it working for you? Are you using the integrated video/audio? How is the power supply working?
    Works great. No problems at all. I am using a BioStar MB with an onboard GForce 4 MX. I paid $40 for the micro ATX MB and that saved me having to buy an extra video card/sound card. Only a few things I would have done differantly: I wouldn't have purchased a BioStar because you have to tell Opus about it when you order your PSU so they can do something special to get it to work. Not worth the hassle although it works perfectly. I would have also tried to get a Micro-ATX MB with the 12V input so I could run my CPU fully clocked. Have it underclocked to 2000+. I guess it isn't a big deal since it uses less power and I would never need the extra speed but it took me awhile and a few phone calls with Opus for us to figure that I needed to underclock it (computer kept reseting when starting windows).
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatrixPC
    If you use mATX, get an Athlon XP mobile chip instead of regular one. Those doesnt' consume that much power, less heat, ... But also be aware that if the mobo doesn't have OC options via BIOS or jumpers, those mobile won't work as you expect. You have to hardwire mod the mobile to get it right.
    I have the same question as quickshot56, with OC are you referring to over clocking and what sort of changes need to be made in the CMOS or jumpers to accomodate a Mobile CPU?

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