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Thread: XM Direct/pcr it is here....

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    XM Direct/pcr it is here....

    XM Direct + interface , you get complete package for $159 - what a ripoff


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    Another job well done by the RIAA.

    Step 1. Convince XM its in there best to discontinue the PCR
    Step 2. Make it known to the entire world that there is a device that makes so easy and convienent to listen to XM radio that it should be illegal and so they will do whats in everyone's best interest and stop it.
    Step 3. Forget that by trying to solve the piracy problem by trying to hinder technological progress will only delay and exasterbate the inevitable.
    Step 4. Wait for other people to take advantage of the now known technology and make all the profits from it.
    Step 5. Use the PCR as an excuse to pay artists even less and charge consumers even more.
    Step 6. Finally change their mind about how evil the technology is and finally decide to embrace it. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    We officialy have the interface cables for xmDirect.

    The interface comes with a SDK for your own software integration and a copy of MMC Alpha 5 Rev 6 with enhanced xm control for the xmDirect, xmCommander. soon there will be a plugin for timetraxx as well.

    The Price is 40.00 plus S+H 5.00 (priority mail)

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    Just say how you want to be paid and consider one ordered.
    It gimme the jibblies

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