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Thread: M9000 resampling question

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    M9000 resampling question

    A buddy of mine has the Via M9000 board, and asked me a question I couldn't answer. When he plays mp3's encoded at 44.1kHz using the onboard sound hardware, it resamples the signal to 48kHz. Is there a way of stoping this from happening, and output it at 44.1kHz? This appeares to be a function of the hardware or driver, and not of the program being used to play the mp3 file. Thanks guys!

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    Something is wrong in your friend's config. How he determined that signal is played @ 48Khz ?
    It is sw problem, not hw. It plays whatever you specify.
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    when it's connected to his A/V receiver, the receiver tells him the incoming frequency. It displays 48kHz independent of the source file."

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