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Thread: VGA Extension- Decent makes

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    VGA Extension- Decent makes

    Ive just put my screen in and found that it still has interferance from the cable. Its a Belkin 5m extension and its giving interferance down one side of the screen. COnencting it direct to computer gives no problems. I hoped this would be a good enough make but any of you know of a make which has given u no probs. Id prefer 4m, 5 is too long anyway.



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    I am using a cables-to-go vga extention with built in ps-2 extenders

    I don't have any noise in the picture now. I did have noise when I used a different power source other than my opus-150. Hope this helps

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    I got one from with NO problems at all!!!

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    I use for my cables, both VGA and USB.

    Never had an interference problem - are you sure it's not a poor power regulator that's causing the interference (like the standard egg supplied with Lilliputs)?

    And I know this is going to sound sarcastic but have you made sure that the VGA connector is in really tight into the screen, the Lilliputs can create a lot of 'fuzz' if they're not connected in as far as you can push them.



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    naa it give slight ghosting on the left had side of the screen and its done it with both a lilli and a xenarc but NOT with my desktop Ilyama 19" (umm 19 in a car i wish), its weird but defo the cable. Ive tried a laptop as the VGA source down the same length and still the problem. Weird **** going down. I may by a lindy cable and try that. This belkin one seems to suck. Dont really wonna run a skinpy 3m down the centre of the car. Want it nice n neat tucked up.

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