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Thread: EL Backlight Inverter??

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    EL Backlight Inverter??

    hi...i just ordered an lcd panel with backlight...but i says that it needs an EL Backlight Inverter...

    what is a backlight inverter?
    what does it do?
    and where can i get one??



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    I am not sure exactly what an 'EL' backlight inverter is , but here is an idea... the LCD I am using is a 16x4 and requires a voltage of around 100v (low current though) to illuminate the flourecent backlight. For this I built a simple oscillator to drive a step up transformer. this supplies the display with approx 120V. An 'EL' backlight inverter is probably something like this.

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    "EL" = Electroluminescent, it's basically a strip of some kind of fiber.(I'm not exactly sure what it's made of) When an electrical current is passed through, it lights up. Like a watch with indiglow. The inverter is what supplies the power to the Electroluminescent strip. The strip is usually attached to the back of the LCD itself, and the inverter is attached to the electrodes on the EL strips.

    For the inverter try or Lightworks USA (Sorry I don't know thier site) they both have a kits for around $23.00US with the inverter and EL stip. Since your LCD already has the EL strip attached it doesn't make much sence to buy more. E-mail them to see if they can just get you the inverter.

    Hope this helps!


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