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Thread: XMDirect Digital Audio Project ?

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    XMDirect Digital Audio Project ?

    Hello Folks,

    Maybe its just because I am interested in modifying my XMDirect for optical and coaxial digital audio output but in viewing numerous Forum XMDirect threads I have noticed that many individuals are asking about XMDirect digital audio output. So there appears that there is a demand for XMDirect digital audio output.

    I am proposing that a Forum member who has the expertise to design a printed circuit board take on the task of designing an XMDirect Optical/Coaxial Audio Output printed circuit board similar the PCB that is marketed by one of the XM Radio online stores. The XMDirect Optical/Coaxial Audio Output PCB that I am proposing would just be a bear bones no components installed printed circuit board. Including Coaxial Digital Audio Output to the PCB should not add additional complexity in the design of the PCB and the end user could chose not to install the Coaxial output. This person could take pre-orders for the PCB before it was produced so that the person doing the work would not incur any out of pocket expense. I am aware that Iím a newbie here but by viewing numerous Forum threads I have become aware that there are many talented and knowledgeable Forum members here that have the expertise to do this. To compensate for the time and effort spent designing the XMDirect Optical/Coaxial Audio Output PCB the person could add a reasonable design/production fee to the cost of the PCB. Perhaps someone could suggest another insinuative to compensate the person that performed the work.

    I would like to open a decision on this topic in this thread to see if anyone is interested in perusing the design/manufacture of the XMDirect Optical/Coaxial Audio Output PCB. I believe that this project is viable and if done correctly would not be that difficult to perform.

    I am soliciting Forum membersí comments and hope that a meaningful dialog will commence which will result in the manufacture of an XMDirect Optical/Coaxial Audio Output PCB at a reasonable cost for the interested Forum members.


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    look here
    Its not exactly what you want but a start

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