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Thread: IDE cable, how long is too long?

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    sorry if i sounded like a jerk.

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    The best thing to do is go with a firewire device since it was made for streaming, unlike USB, aslo your USB bandwidth may be used up heavily if you also have a USB soundcard, camera, keyboard Wifi and so on so you want to spread the usage. thats why i recommend firewire for this although i have succeeded with 6 feet of 40pin/80conducter 2 connector unshielded IDE Ribbon cable (crossing many high power and signaling cables) and others have succeded with 15 footers

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    You didnt sound like a jerk at all.

    Seriously though, you're pretty lucky with that IDE. With my luck I would never be able to accomplish more than the recommended lengths. (Especially going over high power cables, being unsheilded and all)

    anywho, thanks for the in depth response, I actually learned something :-)

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    I'm intending to give it a go using cat 6 twisted pair (probably around 6-8' in length). If it doesn't work, I'll be switching to a USB adapter instead.
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    thats a lot of soldering or crimping or whatever. crazy. just get a usb adapter, so much easier and its cheap, probably cheaper than you can buy all the cat5 for k maybe not but yeah
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    Already got the cat 6 cable. Yeah, it may be a lot of work. I'm hoping the ide cable connectors make the crimping part easy (if I remember correctly, they do).
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    I just made a 5m one using 80 conductor ends (ATA133 cable) and it didn't even recognise the drive. I redid it using 40 conductor ends, it recognised the drive, read some bits but not others. Cat6 has better sheilding between the twisted pairs, but i'm not sure that is the problem.

    Both times it took 5 hours straight!

    Having wasted 10 hours of my life, plus testing, I am now looking for a adaptor to convert my IDE DVD/CDRW to firewire.
    looks good but need one available to the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathranar
    In one of the many other threads on this someone mentioned a guy managing 15' using twisted pair cabling and that you could find it on the web. I'm googally impaired and have so far totally failed to find that. Does anyone know where I can read up on that?
    This is a thread with a long IDE cable. It was huuuuuge. The pictures are no longer there though.

    Pictures of my IDE cable :P
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