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Thread: mpxf play - working with Gameboy LCD

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    Lightbulb mpxf play - working with Gameboy LCD


    I've decided to go with dos on my car-player, and use the mpxf-play frontend to control it. I still have to buy a 20x4 display to get it working.

    But I was thinking, since I downloaded mpxf-play from the page, I noticed something about a support for Gameboy-Displays,
    Since I have one of these old things laying around I was thinking about using that display.

    Can anyone tell me if this setup would work, and if i would get the same amount of information on the gameboy-display as I would get on a 20x4 ?

    Any help about setting up a gameboy-display will be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Well I don't know if this will be of any use but a mag called Electronics Australia did a bit on interfacing / programming gameboys. Seemed interesting, you can buy or make cartridges that simply replace the gameboy ones. They are programmed in Basic I believe. They also have 16 IO lines (If I remember Correctly). Was thinking of using one for a way cool remote controll.


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