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Thread: Kick-*** display I found on eBay.

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    Kick-*** display I found on eBay.

    Hey everybody.. look what I found on eBay: a <a href="">12 x 40 VFD</a>! Yes, you read that right -- 12 lines by 40 characters. The characters are each dot matrix 5 x 7 plus underline. I've never seen a character VFD of this size. Naturally, I bid, and got it for $5. That's less than the price of shipping (which is way too high, mind you) for the item. Now, I have to figure out how to interface.. it doesn't have a controller IC or anything.. oh well, it was too good to pass up. Anybody know anything about it? I already e-mailed <A href="">Noritake</a> (the makers of Itron VFDs). I've dealt with them before, and they're usually pretty helpful. I thought I would post this up here, just to gloat.

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    Hell of a Find. Lucky I didn't see it or you would've been outbid :-)

    Good Luck with interfacing it.

    - JustAGuy


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