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About the problem I have to mention that this was my original problem when I first installed an inverter and the old PC that I use (Normal PII 1GHz). Everything was working fine in the house and when the pc was moved to the car, I had the blue nice screen (do you know it??). The message was that I had a problem with the ACPI. I try to find the solution searching in the MSDN, but nothing.

I changed the PC's PSU and magically everything was working fine!!!!!!!

Try to disable ACPI from Power Management if you can.

Now I have a MII 12000 with a small 220V PSU and it works fine.

Grounding problems is the other issue.

I hope I helped you. Don't loose your faith, say "WORK" loud, again and again like Uri Geller and it will work!!!!!!


i have a feeling you didnt read the post 2 things above yours did you?