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Thread: Motherboard money...

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    I'd go for the M10k. A little extra spent now is better than a lot later to replace the 9000. I also give a big thumbs up to iGuidance 2.0. Awesome navigation software!

    The onboard sound works well if your going through a HU for sound, but if your going to go from the sound of the carpc directly to amps then I would opt for a better sound card. Either the Audigy or even a good USB one would be fine.

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    yer im running straight into an amp to power all my speakers an one sub,so will be needing three rca outs but llready no the details of that,but somthing i thought of today,how would i put an input into the remote on, on the amp? normaly the antenna out etc.. on a headunit.

    An i think im guna get the M10k in a few days an 512 of ddr .....good old ebay

    Found the M10k for 108quid including P&P at

    Last little question know what size opus shall i go for,will the 90w be enough for my system?

    Thanks looads people

    You guys have really opene my eyes lol
    PC --Epia m10k ,7" Liliput Touch screen,512ddr ,80gb 7200 8mb cache shock technology hdd ,54mbit USB2 wlan

    ICE -- JBL 755.6 Amp, JBL p93 6x9s ,JBL 506c Components ,JBL GT3 12" 1800w Sub, 4AWG Cabling,Uprated Battery

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    I would go for a 2.5" hard disk instead of a 3.5" one. It will use much less power and is more resistant to shock from bumps in the road. If you go with a 2.5" drive then a 90w Opus would be fine, but I'd step up to the 150w if you stay with the 3.5" drive.

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    Spagcave, in da UK Today's phrase: J'aime Alizee
    Don't forget - iguidance is U.S. only....
    Where in South Yerrkshire are you btw??

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    How annoying! iGuidance looks like quite a nice piece of software except for no GB/Europe maps

    Have any of you guys using iGuidance got screenshots of it running on Win XP?

    Sorry for the post hijack!

    I'd go with the M10000 and the 512mb RAM if I were you



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    oh hell.. Capt'n, I completely missed your location..

    perhaps a visit to: and some study of the reviews will help you out.


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