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Thread: Micro$'s New Carputer....!?!

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    Micro$'s New Carputer....!?!

    I found this link while browsing the MS website, tell me what you think...
    THey got them at bestbuy, $500.00. Ok maybe I havent been looking at the MS website for a while... can you blam me..
    You can still have something if you have nothing

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    Gimme an in-car cradle, I'm sold. Video & audio out, CHECK--but will it output video at a higher res than 320x240? Crap. Can do better things with the money, unless you don't already have a decent portable player...

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    for me.. not so much..this isn't a PC
    no running apps.. no gps, wifi, oh gawd.. no frodo ! !

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    Ha ha this is a real crap !
    If it's the only thing they can do with all the money dedicated to research and development then in my opinion it's a pure shame.
    It's better they hide themselves. When i imagine that people who engineered this went to high schools...but what for ?
    I see only a kind of revisited palm. The target is certainly Apple and the Ipod nothing more, a poor reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grepzen
    for me.. not so much..this isn't a PC
    no running apps.. no gps, wifi, oh gawd.. no frodo ! !
    just what in the hell were they thinking?!! If you can't do Frodo the comp ain't worth $#!T
    Mind Scream out

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