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Thread: Via Epia M1000 still the "one"?

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    I have used various RAM in my ME6000 board.

    Buffalo PC3200 256 with Samsung chips <-- current and permanent RAM
    Buffalo PC2700 256 unknown (probably Micron) chips
    APacer PC2700 512 with Samsung chips
    APacer PC2700 512 with Infineon chips

    These have all worked fine, but at PC2100 (266) speed.

    I tried a stick of RAM from all my home computers, borrowed a 256 megs stick while waiting for one I ordered to arrive, just to see what worked and what didn't. All low end of the price scale RAM. Most of it is specific RAM because I have mainly NForce2 boards and use the onboard video, and those machines are very finicky when it comes to RAM and speeds when using the onboard video.

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    Anyone know if the MII will fit in a C134 case? I guess it would depend on wether or not the low profile heatsink can be used. Although, I guess you could probably cut the stock heat sink to fit.

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