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Thread: Relay to inverter.

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    Post Relay to inverter.

    I am thinking about how I would get my inverter to automatically shutoff when the computer ghoes into either hibernate or is finished shuting down. Could you just hook the relay up to one of the power wires from ur powersupply in the case and then to the power wire to the inverter?

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    Are you using an ATX board?

    If so i cant see why this wouldn't work, except you would need to have a momentry button to supply power to the relay to initially turn the inverter on.

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    Ok, its 10 AM and thats way to early for a schematic, I have some sort of description on my site ... somewhere, but here is the wiring for it :

    take a feed from the computer power supply, the black and yellow wires, hook + and - 12 to the relay coil, ground the - side of the inverter, ground the negative side of the relay coil. Run + 12 crom car battery to one side of a momentary switch, connect the other pole of the switch to the + 12 side of the inverter.

    Connect +12 from car bat to normaly open contact of relay, connect comon pole of relay to the +12 on the inverter.

    I personally used this with some slight mod's ( added a second relay to allow for a low voltage trigger switch, and made one of the relays press the atx power on switch)
    I also threw in some diodes for backfeed protection. If none of that makes sence e-mail me, and ill make a quick schematic.
    If you hate electronics, let me know I can build it with some PSU connectors in about 5 min, and label all the wires - Parts cost about 7 bucks, 15 if you want it on a pcboard with terminal blocks and all the pretty stuff.
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