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I'd be interested to know, these OS's that these vehicle systems are using, are they all proprietary, or are they based on something that's already out there?

Reason I ask is (I know this really isn't even comparitive) I have an actiontec DSL modem based on unix that's able to be hacked and flashed with linux.
A lot of automotive companies are using the QNX operating system. Its used in a lot of realtime applications like medical devices including pace makers. I work for a fuel cell company and we use it to control our fuel cells. You can a get free non-commercial copy of it off there website but you would need to have hardware which is supported in the OS. Obviously, not every manufacture makes drivers for every OS, and QNX will not be able to create drivers for every piece of hardware.

If your hardware is supported, then all you would need is an appropriate interface to use. Since it has support for X applications you could possibly use a linux application. Even then it would be a difficult and longer process without experience.