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Thread: Hey Leddy!?!?!?!

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    Hey Leddy!?!?!?!

    Love the media car skin you made,you know the black one with the blue neon glow behind it, anyway my gun was looking to see if you had a photoshop templet to make her job a little easier. Course, she's gonna make some changes like putting my company logo in the middle and adapting it for media engine any help you could give would be great. Thanks
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    I had a system crash that caused all of my media car skin to go bye bye

    So I started from scratch creating a similar skin for neocar.

    I plan on making the psd files avail once I am done with the skin as a whole. I am in transition of moving and won't have access to the files for another month or so to continue my work.

    I'm not sure what kind of schedule you are on. Let me know
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