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Thread: slim slot dvd rom with wrong adapter, questions

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    slim slot dvd rom with wrong adapter, questions

    Doing google searching I came upon this forum.

    I bought a slim slot loading dvd drive off of ebay, and an adapter to make it IDE + power to convert it for desktop use.

    Well ... the adapter fits on upside down... the drive powers up, but the computer's BIOS doesn't see it (using the adapter upside down) ... though it doesn't fit on there very well, i might have to clip some of the pins on the back.

    Anyway, my question is this. Can I use this adapter, just upside down? Or is the other adapter REQUIRED for operation?

    Could someone list some sources for the correct adapter? Browsing the forums, I see links to allmac, and ilovemacs, and other sites, which are all long gone

    thanks for any info!

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    can you provide more info...
    model #
    Motherboard type
    Adapter pic etc....

    Some drives DO NOT allow you to make it a slave or master.

    I have had a Compaq slim DVD that had a completely different plug. well I took off the back panel and "whalah " there was the standard slim connector...

    you may also have to try many different combinations to see which one is seen by the bios...

    there is allot of knowledge here, so more info might yield an answer


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    Go here >
    scroll to the very bottom and wait for the images to load (56k friendly)
    is that your drive and connector?
    if so follow his photos so you can plug it in... click on thumbnails which link to 1600x1200 images so you can see the detail

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    I don't know crapola about computers named after fruit. Could it be the fact your using the Apple adapter be the problem. I noticed on your site you said the ide cable @the drive is 50 pin. My ide to slim adapter is 40 pin to 40 pin and cable plugs in right side up. Might be the cause of you compatability problems.

    OOps realized thats not your site.. well might still be your problem then

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