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Thread: Shock & Harddrives...

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    Shock & Harddrives...

    Right im just about to start buying my carpc but im still unsure off the hdd ,i want a 80gb 7200 8mb cache, but i wondered if i should go with the 2.5 as it handles shock better,although there slower an more expensive,so i was wanting to know just how many people have had problems running a 3.5 hdd with shock,would it be ok if i made some kind of shock absorbant mounting??

    so...jus how many people have actually kiled there 3.5 hdd with shock??
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    I think the actual numbers will be quite low..
    Furthermore, I doubt that the PC drives that have reportedlyfailed have done so while exceeding their designed shock limits.

    B.sides.. there are very simple cheap things you can do to your PC HD mount that will make it every bit (if not more) resistant to shock related failure.

    When venturing out on your own in this field... remember:
    1) Heat disipation --THEN--
    2) Shock isolation.

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    no problems here with my 2.5 HD and it's been running for nearly a year now :-)

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    I have no problems with 2x3.5" .... Just don't mount them horizontally!!
    Western digital drives can handle up to 65Gs for 2ms when operating and 250Gs for 2ms when not operating!!

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    got maxtor 3.5 120g, mounted horizontally, using it for 1 1/2 years now. zero problems.
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