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    Exclamation Calling All Masters Of Tech

    First let me thank you guys first that answer..... Now here is my delima I am NEW to the incar PC scene. Below are a list of Items below and the Items I need advice on, thank you for your help and speedy answers.

    1.) System Board VIA EPIA MII 1200 / VIA NEHM M1000 which one and why
    2.) Memory 512 Mb
    3.) Hard Disk 40 gig
    4.) Slim line slotload CDRW/DVD-+RW
    5.) Power Supply Opus power supply / Snap-in power supply with ITPS which one and why
    6.) TFT LCD TOUCH Lilliput 7" / Xenarc 7" / Lilliput 8" / SP7 VGA 7" '' which one and why
    7.) Possiable X-Box install with DC power supply can it be done instead of runnning an inverter

    All of the items above with expection of the xbox will be installed in a custom console below and the xbox under the seat with wireless
    controllers. These Items will be in my single cab F150.

    Thanks Again
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    1) It's been discussed.
    2) your set
    3) your set
    4) your set
    5) It's been discussed.
    6) It's been discussed.
    7) Now that something I don't thinks thats been discussed, and I don't have an answer either.

    Sorry if I didn't help much, but everything you need to know has been already discussed countless number of times. We can't tell you to buy this or that, you need to do some research and figure out what will suit your needs? What is with in your budget? What you plan on using the system for?

    There are many factor that need to be taken into consideration before you purchase something, so grab your self a seat, click the SEARCH button and enjoy some quailty reading.
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    xBox Power Supplies on this fourm and on

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    all seem fairly reasonable components, work out what you want to do with the computer, how much power (not electrical) you actually need to achieve this goal and then work out how much it will cost compared to how you can afford.

    If money is no object then go for the top of the range of everything, if money is an object work out what is the most imortant to you and spend wisely in that area.

    One last point, the ITPS apparantley doesn't survive crank, stick with the OPUS or a carnetix if the budget don't go that far.

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