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Thread: do i really need more than 1 PCI slot?

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    I'm going to run a USB 802.11g access point (Not the really small pendrive ones) from the back of my Mini-ITX case (mounted where my head unit was) up through my dash, mounted at the top, and the same for my GPS reciever.
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    I am using a MB with integrated vid and sound, it meets my needs, I am not using and PCI devices.

    Plan out what you want the PC to do, that should answer your question for you.
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    well... that's the thing... i'm just trying to plan ahead... maybe there's something i want my PC to do that i haven't thought about yet that will require more than 1 PCI.

    On-board video and audio, DVD through USB, GPS through USB, TS through USB, an that leaves me with a firewire, and 1 more USB (which i plan to use a USB hub on for data transfer). The MII board actually comes with a laptop style card slot... in which i'll be using for a wireless card. Sound will connect through aux input of a HU i have yet to purchase, and thats pretty much it.

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