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Thread: overclocking carputers

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    heh, the slowest processor they would sell me was a 1.1G duron ;-)

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    Hehe I have a duron 900 in my family pc (cost 40 nearly a year ago!) Anyway, I wanted to get a new mobo for my car pc and thought I might as well make it socket A based as I'm either running 2 sproggies or an inverter and shutdown controller (haven't made my mind up yet...). Anyway, I could either get a duron 950 for 35 odd or buy an athlon xp 1.7 gig for 79 and swap it with the duron upstairs. And I can prob. get my family to pay for the upgrade too


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    The only thing to keep in mind is that the popular (kt133/a) chipsets a year ago won't run an AthlonXP or a "DuronXP."

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