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Thread: cheapest way of having a mp3 hard drive...

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    cheapest way of having a mp3 hard drive...

    Hi, i currently have a full sound system installed into my mk2golf gti with an alpine 9813R head unit, the system is very sound quality orientated.

    What would be the cheapest way to build a small carputer which only needs to play mp3's but with the best sound quality possible that will plug into my alpine head unit?


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    Well technicly having a headunit that supports mp3 cds is the very chepest way to go, and you can have a couple hundred songs on 1 cd (probably around 200-300) but if you must have 543275072 songs then get a portible ipod or something, and extend your aux cables to where you can plug it in. Try not to get a computer just for mp3s, its probably not worth the money. Thats my 2 cents. Hope this helps.

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    how about a neo car jukebox?
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    or heck, even an Ipod would work for what you want.

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    back in the early days, there where no MP3 CD players, or hard drive based players, or anything even remotely resembling such devices. When I started no one other than geeks even knew what an MP3 was, and putting a computer in the car was the ONLY way to do it.

    For what you want, there is no need to build a car PC
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