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Thread: DVD Changer?

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    DVD Changer?

    Hello all,

    I used to have a pretty impressive Pioneer A/V system in my car and it used their 6-disk DVD Changer. Does anyone know of a good DVD changer that I can use and have controlled by the computer. I am tinkering around with the idea of getting an alpine dvd changer because I know the protocol to control that changer is well past hacked.


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    Check the SteeringWheelControl (SWC) thread in the INPUTS forum - those guys may be able to help

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    Well, if you've got the cash (and the space):
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    UPDATE : I found this CD CHanger....

    Its made by Innovtek and is a 6-disk vehicle mount but what appeals to me the most is a) the coax digital output and b) the IP-Bus control. Now, I just need to find some way to query it I can probably use this. Does anyone have a WORKING IPBUS interface?


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