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Thread: Power new PStwo (SCPH-70000) using Opus?

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    Question Power new PStwo (SCPH-70000) using Opus?

    I just got the new smaller PS2 (PStwo) for in the car. It fits nicely in the glove compartment.

    It uses an external AC power brick to convert to 8.5V into the console. The power consumption is approximately 45W (5.3A). What would be a good way to power the PStwo in the car? Oh, BTW the old PS2 cigarette lighter car adapter is not compatible with this new PS2 (that would not be an optimal solution anyway).

    Assuming I have extra power, how would I wire it up to an Opus? (I don't have an Opus yet, so sorry if this is a stupid question).

    Or should I just use an inverter to save Opus power for PC related things?

    It would be nice to eliminate the need for the external AC power brick too.

    Moderators, feel free to move this to power supplies if necessary.

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    the opus wont put out the correct voltage, you are going to have to make (or buy... good luck) a voltage regulator that converts 12-15v to 8.5v and can handle 5.3 amps
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